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Seeing the world through your eyes

We have supported a myriad of businesses in a variety of sectors on every shape and size of project. And we know how to present your balance sheet to underwriters to ensure that they can see your financial strengths clearly and quickly.

This combination of industry knowledge and numerical dexterity means that, at DRS, you can be sure you are working with a partner who knows how to support you in getting the job done.

Here are a few examples......


Performance Bonds, Retention Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, NHBC Bonds - we have all your needs covered, regardless of where you sit in the supply chain;

Developers & Contractors

House building, Commercial, Infrastructure, Education, Health, Defence, Fit-Out, Refurbishment, Maintenance.


Mechanical, Electrical, Heating and Ventilation, Roofing, Scaffolding, Demolition, Groundworks, Dry Lining, Superstructure, Piling, Underpinning, Structural steel, Cladding, Curtain Walling.


When you need to be absolutely certain at bid stage that you can meet all your contractual obligations from the get go.

Importers and Distributors

When you need to defer your duty liabilities until the goods are sold.


When you need to ensure your new store programme proceeds as planned.

Waste Contractors

When you need to assure the Environment Agency that a waste shipment will be completed.