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Advance Payment Bonds

An Advance Payment Bond is a type of bond that protects the beneficiary by guaranteeing upfront payments for goods or services needed under the contract following, either insolvency or, the misuse of funds.

It is usually put in place for the full amount of the payment. The bond reduces on milestones agreed, certified and invoiced.

An Advance Payment Bond enables the contractor to procure goods and services in advance of their delivery, without impacting their cash flow.

It guarantees to compensate the beneficiary in the event of the contractor failing to deliver pre-paid goods and services under contract.

They are typically required by contractors operating in the following industry sectors:

  • Construction
  • Property Development
  • Support Services
  • Facilities Management

Information required for a quote

Whilst no means exhaustive, here are the main items you will need:

  • Bond application form, specific to the Bond required
  • Bank information form and facility details
  • Bond wording
  • Budget & forecast accounts
  • Current order book and pipeline
  • Last filed full report & accounts
  • Management accounts and supporting balance sheet

Wording check information requirements

  • Bond amount
  • Schedule of milestones
  • Bond release event
  • Proposed bond wording
  • Beneficiary
  • Contract type

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As a Specialist Surety Services Provider, DRS specialise in the arrangement of Advance Payment Bonds. We have an approved list of investment grade sureties (typically “A-” Standard & Poor’s or higher) to meet the requirements of Bond beneficiaries.

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