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DRS Bond Management Summer News Update

We were concerned to still hear of clients having On Demand Bonds being called in the aftermath of Brexit. In this respect we have conditional wordings available to ensure that clients are not compromised by the demands of On Demand Bonds.

EBA Stress Tests – The Time is Now For Banking And Surety Collaboration

You have probably been reading with interest and some anxiety about the European Banking Authority (EBA) stress tests. But what does this mean for companies that are looking to meet their bonding and Letters Of Credit requirements through bank guarantees?

Brexit - Don’t Panic, But Do Protect Yourself

We should take heed from Corporal Jones at this time and not think the worst for property and construction. The fact is that we currently do not know what we do not know. So why, oh why, are we hearing of On Demand Bonds being called in the aftermath of Brexit?

Highways To Hell?

We reported last October how we were seeing issues regarding Highways Bonds in relation to road access requirements for new store developments. Unfortunately the issues around Highways Bonds have got even stickier since then and could, excuse the pun, set some businesses on a highway to hell.

ACT Reflections

We were delighted to attend the Association of Corporate Treasurers Annual Conference for the first time.

What prompted us to attend was an increasing level of enquiries from large and mid sized businesses looking for solutions to making ever restricted cash work even harder within their businesses. This conference has brought this issue into very sharp focus.

When It Comes To Letters Of Credit, Cash Is King Here Too

DRS prides itself on providing leading edge solutions in situations where financial instruments are locking cash up that should really be working hard within a business.

Letters Of Credit (LOCs) are a perfect example.

DRS Bond Management Spring News Update

The path for the construction sector looks well set for 2016 and 2017, with the outlook looking rosier than it has for a while. But growth is not without its hurdles. So what effect is that having on the bonding world? In a nutshell, DRS is enjoying a vibrant year supporting clients in managing the dynamics of an improved market.

The Performance Bond Maxim - Assume Nothing, Check Everything, Call DRS

One of our specialties is providing detailed and insightful support to clients throughout the process of fulfilling a Performance Bond. Fulfilling a Performance Bond evidences to the beneficiary that you have a strong financial covenant. And we are here to help you look as strong as you possibly can.

Govt Warning....On Demand Is Anti Competitive….Let’s Look At The Whole Picture....

When we here at DRS read about the concerns Government has with On Demand Bonds, we thought we would dig a little deeper and broaden the picture.